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mulch in bloomington IL 

Prairie View Landscaping and Lawn Care have experts when it comes to mulch in Bloomington. We can use different mulches, not only to achieve the goals mentioned above but also to beautify your landscape. For example, shredded hardwood can be a great type of material for mulch because it is widely available and works well on slopes and in flood-prone areas. They are eye-catching elements that make the landscape appear to be a woodland setting. Our landscaping professionals can offer more options regarding the use of the right mulch.

What Mulch To Choose

There is no perfect mulch but, understanding the attributes of the different components of mulch in Bloomington IL can help landscape professionals choose the best mulch for a particular time and location. These choices depend on a variety of factors, in which the foremost would be the current season. Various mulches are used for different climates. Winter mulches are primarily used as insulation for woody plants, whereas summer mulches or growing mulches primarily mitigate weed growth and retain moisture in the soil.

Another major consideration in choosing the right mulch in Bloomington is the plants or the use of the landscape. Vegetable gardens or the soil around small fruit-bearing plants may use a straw for mulch. Shrubs and trees use wood chips, bark chunks, and pine needles. The appropriate mulch in Bloomington for annual or perennial beds is fine mulch such as bark granules, wood shavings, shells, or buckwheat hulls. Rock gardens may use gravel or crushed stone mulches that look very natural.

How Much Mulch Do I Need?

The most common size of bagged mulch is two cubic feet. Bulk mulch sells by cubic yard. One cubic yard of mulch will require about 13 bags of mulch. 

As for cost, there are different levels of mulch depending on what you want to spend and what you want to do with it. A bag of "economy mulch" will cost $2 to $4 per bag or $19 to $25 per yard. Hardwood and dyed mulches typically cost $3 to $3 per bag or $30 to $60 per yard. Premium mulches, such as those made from cedar or cypress trees, can cost $4 to $7 per bag, or $40 to $70 per yard.

In order to calculate how much ground you need to cover with mulch, you'll want to calculate the square footage of your property (or section of property). Then, multiply your total area in feet by how deep you want your mulch in inches. For example, if your square footage is 648 and you want a 2-inch depth, multiply 648 by 2 to get 1296 (648 x 2 = 1296).

Divide your answer by 324 (1 cubic yard of mulch will cover 324 square feet 1 inch deep). Round the result to the nearest whole number to find out how many cubic yards of mulch you need to purchase. In this example, we need to purchase 4 cubic yards of mulch (1296/324 = 4).

Common Measurements:

Square Feet Cubic Yards 2 Cubic Ft Bags 3 Cubic Ft Bags
50 .31 4.17 2.78
100 .62 8.33 5.56
200 1.23 16.67 11.11


For other measurements not listed, you can use this handy calculator.

Mulch Calculator

How Long Does Mulch Last?

The average wood chip will have a life of about five to seven years. True wood chips won't last as long as bark mulch, and smaller wood chips will last about half as long, needing replacement after two or three years.

For an annual bed, remove old mulch before you till the soil and add compost. If you're applying mulch to a perennial bed, you might be tempted to just add a new layer of mulch on top, but this can cause rot, nutrient starvation, and plant death. Remove as many of the old layers as possible before you add more.

How To Properly Lay Mulch?

Spread the mulch with a rake as needed for an even layer. Rather than layering it on top of it too much, try to put only about a 1½" (3 cm) thick layer of mulch down. Any more could be damaging, and any less won't be very helpful.

How Deep Should Mulch Be?

For most cases, a one- or two-inch layer of fine mulch should be sufficient, but for coarser mulch, you might want to lay it three to four inches deep. Too much of either type can suffocate your plants. In areas where you simply want to keep anything from growing, you can lay it on as thick as you like. A trick for keeping weeds from growing through your mulch is to put a layer of weed barrier underneath.

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